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Trusted Beijing Massage Guide: Easy Booking

With us, you can book an appointment to quality, authentic massage services in the city. All listed businesses carry licensed, highly trained masseurs with basic English language skills so you can concentrate on taking the most out of this unique, must-do Chinese experience! Any questions? Just contact us!

Oriental Taipan (6 branches)ISPA Beijing (8 hotel branches)

Oriental Taipan Spa & Massage

Book & Save: 20% Discount!

Since 2005, Oriental Taipan offers professional and affordable massage in a relaxing spa environment. Choose anything from a simple foot massage, to different whole body massages and other healing treatments. There are six branches around the Beijing metropolis, and popular stops for luxurious pampering.

Branch Locations: Google Maps (Blocked in China).

Business Hours: 12:00PM - 00:00AM (Financial Street Branch 11:00AM - 23:00PM)

Oriental Taipan Massage & Spa Oriental Taipan Massage
Oriental Taipan: Reservation & Discount Booking

Discount included - Price in Chinese Yuan per person - Payment on arrival by cash or credit card.

Oriental Taipan Branch Address
Lido (Map) 2F Block 9 Lido Place, 2 Fangyuan West Road, Chaoyang District
Sanlitun (Map) Bldg 69, Sanlitun No.4 Worker’s Stadium North Road, Chaoyang District
Winterless (Map) 101 Block B Winterless Center, 1 Xidawang Road, Chaoyang District
Financial Street (Map) 26A Financial Street, Xicheng District
Jianguomen (Map) Sunjoy Mansion, 6 Ritan Road, Chaoyang District
Central Park (Map) Central Park Third Phase, Building 25, 6 Chaoyangmen outer street, Chaoyang District

ispa - Spa Beijing

Book & Save: 20% Discount!

The highly reviewed ISPA, takes pride in providing exceptional massage and spa treatment. Located in eight top Hotels in Beijing, the service has been perfected to provide a revitalizing experience of extreme proportions. For a unique Tuina experience, try the traditional Chinese massage or adventure with volcanic stone therapy or synchronized massage where two therapist work simultaneously to balance your energy flow.

Branch Locations: Google Maps (Blocked in China).

Business Hours: See branch list below. — Note! 15% service fee not included in price.

ISPA Beijing Spa & Massage ISPA Spa Beijing
ISPA Beijing: Reservation & Discount Booking

Discount included - Price in Chinese Yuan per person - Payment on arrival by cash or credit card.

ISPA Hotel Branch AddressHours
JW Marriott Beijing (Map) 2F, JW Marriott Hotel Beijing, 83 Jian Guo Road, Chaoyang District
The Westin Beijing Chaoyang (Map) 5th Hotel Floor, 7 North Dongsanhuan Road, Chaoyang District
Hilton Beijing Wangfujing 6th Hotel Floor, No. 8, Wangfujing East Street, Dongcheng District
东城区王府井东大街 8号王府井希尔顿酒店6层
Hilton Beijing Capital Airport (Map) 6th Hotel Floor, Terminal 3, Beijing Capital International Airport
Taiyue Suites, Sanlitun (Map) 5th Hotel Floor, Tower B, Taiyue Suites, 16 Nan Sanlitun Rd, Chaoyang District
Gehua New Century Hotel Beijing, Drum-tower (Map) 1st Hotel Floor, Chaoyang District
Kaiyuan New Centery Hotel, Xuanwu (Map) 6th Hotel Floor, Xicheng District
Hotel Jen by Shangri-la (Map) B1 Floor, Hotel Jen Upper East, Chaoyang District

About Chinese Massage

Tuina, is an ancient form of Chinese massage therapy practiced throughout Beijing. It is the perfect way to relax after a tour of the city or a busy day — and has the potential to heal your mind, body & soul!

Chinese massage, known as Tui Na, is an ages old art, with evidence dating it back to 2700 B.C. It remains popular today, with authentic massage parlors everywhere you turn in Beijing and the rest of China. Tuina is the precursor of all other forms of massage in use today.

Timeline of Chinese Massage

Timeline of Chinese Massage Infographic

Today, travellers to Beijing can go to parlors offering several different types of massage, from light, fingertip massage, to more familiar types of massage, to deep tissue massage. Also herbal foot spa is becoming popular.

Modern massage parlors in China are very similar to beauty spas in the US, and many of them offer many of the same services as a beauty parlor along with massage, such as a haircut, manicure, or pedicure. Visitors enjoy being pampered by a visit to a massage parlor, but benefits of massage extend beyond relaxing and pampering. Some benefits often enjoyed by those who go to massage parlors include:

  • • Accelerated healing of minor injuries
  • • Improved circulation
  • • Increased joint flexibility
  • • Easing pain
  • • Soothing emotional distress
  • • Improved wellness
  • • Enhanced athletic performance
  • • Immune boost
  • • Emotional healing

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