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Meet May — your Beijing Tour Manager

My name is May. I was born in Beijing, and I graduated for Xi’an International Studies University in 2006 with a BA in English Language & Literature. After graduation, I became a licensed tour guide through the Beijing Tourism Authority (BTA) and then worked for a tour company for five years. Since 2011, I have been the tour manager of the May Tours Company, operating under the slogan “Your friend & private tour guide in Beijing”.

My personality is highlighted by my dual senses of adventure and humor. I bring to the table years of experience as a tour manager, and I have worked in a wide variety of interesting places throughout China. Thinking of myself as a lifelong student, I am driven by a deep-set curiosity that drives me to seek out the new and exciting from both old attractions to new discoveries and sites in Beijing! With my playful style, I then share that excitement with the people whom I guide in my homeland. I am passionate about my chosen career path, and my love of being a tour guide shines through in every day of my work.

Specializing in serving overseas visitors, I will show you Beijing in a way that fulfills your expectations and also imparts to you my own special flare for local tastes and perspectives. Thanks to my vast customer base, I have developed a strong acuity for picking up on what visitors want to experience and see while they are in China. Although every tour must be different, there are key points upon which everyone expects me to hit. At May Tours, you can rest assured that those key points won’t be overlooked and that the adventure you’ve been imagining is waiting for you.

Encouraged by early and repeated positive interactions with my customers, I have been able to create my own tour company and fulfil my lifelong dream of managing my own business. Believing that it is the primary role of tour guides to build trust with their customers, I put forth my best effort on every tour in the hopes that my customers both learn about Beijing and enjoy their stay here. I view my customers as friends and try to establish a comfortable atmosphere in which open communication can take place. More than anything, however, it is my desire to inject fun into my tours.

Having put together a team known for their cheerful, informed tours, I know that when it comes to Beijing, there is nobody better suited to show you the ropes. You will leave May Tours satisfied that you have seen China, which I myself ensures via a three-level business model based around tailored service, friendliness, and caring.

At May Tours, no matter who your guide is, you are under my care, and that is something that should put your mind at ease. I am personally responsible for handling all tour bookings and inquiries, giving me an opportunity to get to know everyone who tours with us.

Yours sincerely,
May Zhang - Beijing, 2015

May Tour Manager

May Zhang: "Your friend and tour guide in Beijing".

Picture of the Tour Manager, May

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