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Show Introduction

The Flying Acrobatic Show is the highlight of acrobatics in Beijing. Often compared with Cirque du Soleil, this colorful spectacle features extreme stunts and a vibrant show atmosphere. The show is a landmark in the evolution of the 2000 year old acrobatic history in China. Performed twice a day at the prestigious Chaoyang Theatre in Beijing. (Official website:

Chaoyang Theatre Seat Map & Price List

Prices are displayed per ticket in Chinese Yuan (CNY/RMB).

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Getting to Chaoyang Theatre

The area — Chaoyang Theatre is in the Chaoyang District of Beijing. The area is also known as the "Beijing central business district" Beijing CBD. Nearby sights include CCTV tower and Chaoyang Park with a total area of 300 hectares.

By Subway — The easiest and most reliable way to get there is by subway. Hujialou station on line 10 & 6 is right next to the venue. Just take exit C and you can see the big theatre building on your left when you exit the metro building. (see above for metro map)

By Taxi — Coming by taxi is a short and inexpensive trip from most downtown locations. However available taxies are often hard to find, especially during the evening. That's why re recommend coming by subway whenever possible. You may also print or copy this message and show it to a taxi/rickshaw driver to get there:

请送我到朝阳剧场,(朝阳区东三环北路36号), 谢谢

Translation: Please drive me to the Chaoyang Theatre (36 North East Third Ring Road, Chongwen District), Thank you!

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The Flying Acrobatic Show — Beijing

Chaoyang Theater Address
36 North East Third Ring Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing

Metro Access
Loop Line 10 & Rapid Transit Rail Line 6: Hujialou Station (Exit C).

Show Time
15:50, 17:30 & 19:00 (duration: 1hour, three shows/daily!)

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